Compressed Air and Nitrogen Filtration


There are so many compressed air filters in the market today. Which one is best? They are  all the same anyway. Not true, not all filters are created equal.

Do the filters you are purchasing need to protect senstive equipment? Are the protecting the optics of a laser, food packaging? Are they being used to filter oxygen, if so, have they been cleaned for that service?

Membrane style nitrogen generators are one of the least forgiving when it comes to contaminants. The pore size in the nitrogen membrane fiber is approximately 3.0 angstroms, plug them up and Voila, no more nitrogen production.

Yeah, early on we learned the hard way, supplying a nitrogen generation systems from a 1998 rotary screw air compressor without a refrigerated air dryer and only a coalescing and particulate filter. You could say it did not go well. 

We now know to use a rotary screw air compressors with minimal oil carryover, we remove as much moisture as possible prior to the filter train inlet that protects the nitrogen membrane. Once we got it under control, found the correct filter efficiencies we began to apply that across our product line. The longer one of our systems lasts in the field, the better for you and better for Liberty.

We clean our filters inhouse. When filters are used to protect a laser, last thing we need is some wonky hydrocarbon fogging up your optics.

Give Liberty Systems a call, if you need just one filter to protect your application or you want custom filter panel built, we can help determine what is best for you.

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