Nitrogen Generators for Heat Treating


Nitrogen is a critical gas across industries, including metal fabrication. Metal fabricators use the heat treating process to harden or soften metals, and heat treatment is a necessary step to achieve the right performance characteristics for metal components. With nitrogen generators, metal fabricators can ensure the purity of their heat treatment and reduce expenses.

Nitrogen’s Role in Heat Treating

Heat treating uses both heat and pressure in the process. Warming metals to a desired temperature and maintaining that temperature changes the microstructure or physical properties of the metal. Once the desired effect is obtained, the metal is set to cool.

Nitrogen is key in heat treatment because it creates an oxygen-free environment. Oxygen will oxidize the material, causing weakness and discoloration, which is why it must be eliminated. Nitrogen can also be used for the cooling process. With furnaces utilizing nitrogen at operating pressures of 30-100 psig, essentially becoming an autoclave, large volumes of nitrogen at elevated purities may be needed in a short amount of time. Liberty Systems has nitrogen generators perfectly suited for this application.

Autoclave (heat treat) applications are perfectly suited for our Series P3 and P11 nitrogen generators. P3’s have a delivery pressure of 90 psig for a steady flow and the P11’s include a booster compressor. This allows you to take advantage of an expanded pressure delta between use pressure and storage pressure. By storing nitrogen, you are able to deliver a substantial amount of nitrogen in a short amount of time and still able to provide the proper amount of continuous nitrogen for the process.

The Benefits of Our Nitrogen Generators for Metal Fabrication

Nitrogen generators are an excellent investment for metal fabricating operations. With an ongoing on-site nitrogen supply, fabricators can keep up with tight production schedules without waiting on liquid nitrogen deliveries. Nitrogen generators also allow operations to cut spending on nitrogen each year, leading to a more efficient use of company resources.

At Liberty Systems, our nitrogen generators offer unique benefits, including:

  • The best service life on the market: Liberty Systems maximizes generator life spans with maintenance programs and regular reminders for users. Ongoing maintenance is essential for keeping your nitrogen generator in excellent condition, and our team makes it accessible. 
  • Attentive customer service: When you have a question or need assistance with your system, our team is ready to support you. Our informed customer service team will help you through orders and after-purchase needs any time. 
  • Extended warranties: Our nitrogen generators include a three-year extended warranty to showcase that we stand by our systems and only want the best for our customers.
  • Decades of experience: Every generator purchased from Liberty Systems is backed by more than two decades of experience in the industry. 

Installation Services With Liberty Systems

In addition to our high-performance nitrogen generators, our team offers installation support. For our large PSA nitrogen generators, one of our specialized technicians will visit your location to facilitate the installation and ensure it’s completed correctly. For membrane installations, we provide installation support over the phone.

Serving North America

Liberty Systems serves operations throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. Our traveling technicians are ready to support you wherever you are. While you can count on our team for installation support, our technicians also travel to perform maintenance and service when your nitrogen generator needs it.

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