Nitrogen Generator for Breweries


Nitrogen Generators in Breweries and Wineries

Nitrogen is often a key player in creating delicious, safe alcoholic drinks, but getting it shipped in from a supplier can be expensive and unreliable. Nitrogen generators for breweries and wineries can offer cost savings and on-demand generation, so you can maintain high uptime, minimize costs and reduce your carbon footprint.

Liberty Systems offers a wide array of on-site nitrogen generators for winemaking and brewing, each built with our unmatched reliability through equipment design, service and support.

High-quality nitrogen is a mission-critical component of many brewing operations, preventing reactions with ambient air. An on-site nitrogen generator separates nitrogen and oxygen molecules in the ambient air to create purified nitrogen. These systems work alongside air compressors and can achieve purity rates of up to 99.999%, depending on the style of generator.

One of the most common uses of nitrogen for breweries is to “clean” containers, such as kegs, tanks and bottles. Nitrogen is inert, so it doesn’t cause reactions like oxidation, which could impact the flavor of the next batch or even create health hazards. Filling the containers with nitrogen displaces oxygen and helps remove residue without affecting the batch.

A nitrogen generator for wineries and breweries could help with tasks like:

  • Bottle flushing
  • Vessel blanketing
  • Keg pressurizing
  • Product transferring
  • Sparging
  • Tank purging
  • Improving taste and mouthfeel

The Benefits of Using Nitrogen for Breweries and Wineries

While many of these tasks can also be accomplished with carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen offers significant advantages over this other gas:

  • Cost savings: Producing nitrogen is much cheaper than producing CO2, partly because nitrogen is the most abundant element in our atmosphere. The cost of CO2 can fluctuate greatly as well, making it difficult to predict costs, especially in times of scarcity. Generating nitrogen on-site also tends to be more affordable than buying it from a third-party supplier.
  • Environmental impact: The average batch of beer releases about a third of a pound of CO2 per gallon, much of which comes from process gas. While some CO2 is often necessary for maintaining the carbonation of the drink itself, replacing processes and even some carbonation gasses can significantly reduce a brewery’s environmental impact. On-site generation also eliminates the emissions associated with transporting tanks of CO2 or purchased nitrogen.
  • On-demand access: With an on-site nitrogen generator, breweries and wineries can create this gas as needed. You won’t need to wait for a delivery or halt production while waiting for tanks to fill at an inconvenient time. It also prevents problems associated with CO2 shortages.

A nitrogen generator from Liberty Systems also earns you extraordinary reliability for high uptime and a leading three-year warranty for peace of mind.

Installing a Nitrogen Generator

The process of installing a nitrogen generator can vary widely depending on your requirements. Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) generators can achieve higher purity levels up to 99.999%, but they require professional installation. Membrane-based systems can usually be installed with phone support, but they offer purity levels of around 99.95%. We can help you determine the right system for your operation.

Here is some information we will need:

  • Do you transfer product, inert tanks and package at the same time?
  • What are the size of your vessels in fermentation vessels and Bright Beer Tanks?
  • How much CO2 in pounds is delivered to you annually?
  • What is your cost per pound of CO2?

Make the Switch With Liberty Systems

At Liberty Systems, we put decades of expertise to work building some of the most dependable nitrogen generators for craft breweries and wineries. We offer unmatched product support, including field service and maintenance support, to ensure the value of your investment. If you’re considering switching to nitrogen, reach out to our team today to learn more about its benefits and how we can help.

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