Nitrogen Generators


What Is a Nitrogen Generator?

Many businesses use nitrogen in their processes, which range from cutting metals to brewing beer. While you can get your nitrogen shipped in from a supply company, this approach is often costly and unreliable. Another option is to generate nitrogen on-site with the help of your air compressor.

On-site nitrogen generation is ideal for virtually any operation that uses nitrogen, offering easy, low-cost production according to your needs. Combined with the dependability of Liberty Systems generators, you can expect an excellent return on investment.

 A nitrogen generator system separates nitrogen and oxygen molecules from a supply of compressed air. The result is pure nitrogen created on demand. You can sometimes connect these generators to your existing air compressor. On-site nitrogen eliminates the need to buy nitrogen from a third-party supplier, which can introduce extra costs and downtime if the delivery is delayed. 

The Benefits of On-Site Nitrogen Generators

Using on-site nitrogen generators from Liberty Systems helps customers to:

  • Eliminate deliveries: Avoid the costs and challenges of deliveries, such as unreliable service and tank rentals. Fewer deliveries can also help the environment by taking trucks off the road.
  • Get on-demand nitrogen: Generating nitrogen on demand allows you to meet evolving requirements without running out of gas or paying for rush delivery.
  • Save costs: A generator can make your nitrogen supply much cheaper.
  • Enjoy a three-year extended warranty: Our industry-leading three-year warranty offers exceptional peace of mind.

Liberty Systems offers unmatched customer service, with an attentive team that can respond to issues quickly and effectively. We take pride in our service and support, backed by dependably built systems and a highly experienced team of service technicians. We’ve been in business for 20 years and have spent that time perfecting our best-selling nitrogen generators, building them for longevity and durability. For a trusted partner, Liberty Systems is on your side.

Types of Nitrogen Generators

Industrial nitrogen generator systems come in two styles:

  • Membrane-based systems: In these generators, compressed air moves through semipermeable membranes, which block nitrogen and allow oxygen to move through. Membrane-based nitrogen generators are relatively simple, making them cost-effective for applications with lower flow demands or purity requirements at or below 99.9%.
  • Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) systems: PSA generators capture oxygen molecules by binding them to carbon molecular sieves (CMS), materials that adsorb some molecules and allow others to pass by. This process is more involved but offers a cleaner, high-capacity flow of nitrogen. PSA generators can offer purity levels up to 99.999%.

We can help you find the right style for your application.

Industries That Use Nitrogen Generation

Nitrogen offers some unique characteristics. It’s colorless, tasteless, odorless and inert. These qualities allow it to prevent chemical reactions like oxidation and mold formation without affecting products, such as food and metal components. Thanks to these characteristics, you can find nitrogen generators in many diverse industries. 

For example, a blast of nitrogen can help laser-cutting operations remove excess metal from a recently cut surface. Since nitrogen is inert, it doesn’t create reactions that could produce heat and affect the cut. Breweries also use nitrogen’s inert qualities when cleaning tanks between batches. The nitrogen helps prevent any residue from oxidizing and contaminating other batches.

Some of the industries that use nitrogen generation include:

How Are Nitrogen Generators Installed?

Installing a nitrogen generator system can be done on your own, while larger PSA systems require the expertise of a skilled technician to help start the system. We’ll send someone out to show you how to use your new generator. Membrane systems are a little simpler, so we can usually walk you through this installation and start up over the phone.

After installation, you’ll need to keep up with maintenance. We’ll let you know what that looks like for your unit, and we can also sign you up for our FilterStar program. This program sends you reminder emails according to your nitrogen gas generator’s maintenance schedule so you can have your filters shipped and ready to go.

Learn More About Liberty Systems Nitrogen Generators

 Liberty Systems strives to offer the most dependable systems and support for nitrogen gas generators. Whatever your application entails, we can help you find the ideal generator for the job. Our knowledgeable team will help every step of the way, from selection to maintenance support. Reach out today to get started and see how an on-site nitrogen generator can help your operation.