Nitrogen Generator for Food Packaging


Nitrogen is important to many food processing and packaging needs. Since food operations have so many use cases for nitrogen, being able to generate the gas on-site is a major benefit. With Liberty Systems nitrogen generators, your operation will have quick and easy access to nitrogen around the clock.

Uses for Food-Grade Nitrogen

Food production companies rely on nitrogen for several reasons, including:

  • Food processing: During critical processes like mixing, coating and grinding, nitrogen is a key ingredient. In mixing, nitrogen can help cool products after the cooking process to prepare them for packaging sooner. Liquid nitrogen’s cooling capabilities also make it easy to coat individually quick-frozen products in sauces as they freeze. In grinding, nitrogen helps reduce frictional heat to improve throughput and prevent the loss of flavor in the foods being processed.
  • Food preservation and vacuum packaging: Naturally preserving food products with nitrogen helps to extend shelf life. Nitrogen displaces oxygen and moisture efficiently by using a process referred to as modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). MAP is particularly valuable for dairy products and high-fat snack foods. In some cases, a little bit of oxygen is needed inside the packaging to maintain the product’s color, like red meat. However, nitrogen will still be the bulk of the gas inside the package.
  • Food storage: As with packaging, nitrogen is used in storage to preserve food products. Food and beverage operations often have bulk goods in storage to help manufacture products for the shelves. Nitrogen protects these investments and prevents them from spoiling so that they’re safe for consumption. Using nitrogen in storage can also ward off pests.
  • Animal feed storage: During the packaging process for animal feed, nitrogen opens up the bags for filling. Since animal feed is often high in oils, nitrogen is essential for preventing spoilage and extending the shelf life of these products.

The nitrogen gas produced by a Liberty Systems nitrogen generator has passed and been certified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (certification document below).

Benefits of a Food-Grade Nitrogen Generator

A nitrogen generator is an excellent addition to a food production line. These processing facilities often have multiple uses for nitrogen, so they require different flow rates and purities for every application. Generating nitrogen on-site allows you to meet every flow rate and purity need as soon as it arises.

Nitrogen generators also simplify your sourcing process. There’s no need to rely on bulk gas distributors, coordinate orders and wait around for deliveries. Keep up with production schedules without a second thought while you reduce and stabilize your nitrogen costs.

Continuous access to nitrogen means you:

  • Protect your investments by preventing food spoilage.
  • Speed up the packaging process by using nitrogen to open bags.
  • Safeguard consumers by keeping products fresh.

Why Choose Nitrogen Generators From Liberty Systems?

Liberty Systems manufactures nitrogen generators you can trust. Benefits of our systems include:

  • Attentive customer service: We have real people on the phones answering your questions the moment they arise. Our customer service team is ready to help you when you need it most, whether you have questions about an order or need after-sales support.
  • Long service life: Liberty Systems nitrogen generators are manufactured to last. We support a long service life with robust maintenance programs and regular reminders about maintenance requirements.
  • Extended warranty: You can trust our nitrogen generators to perform to your standards, and we stand by that. With our extended three-year warranty, you can come to our team with any product issues, and we’ll make them right.
  • Decades of experience: We’ve been in business for over two decades. We understand the ins and outs of nitrogen generation, making us a reliable partner.

Installation Services With Liberty Systems

The team at Liberty Systems wants you to have everything you need for successful nitrogen generation on-site. While our well-made systems and customer service are two ways we do this, we also offer installation support.

We have 12 technicians who travel throughout North America to oversee and complete generator installations. We serve food operations throughout Canada, the United States and Mexico. With support from our technicians, you can be certain that your generator is installed correctly and ready to meet your nitrogen generation demands.

Installing a membrane? We offer installation support for those, too. Give us a call when you’re ready to install, and we’ll walk you through the process step by step.

Contact Us Today for Food-Grade Nitrogen Generation

Liberty Systems is a manufacturer you can trust. We’re ready to partner with your team so you can stabilize nitrogen costs and have steady access to this essential element. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

Modified Atmosphere and Food Packaging

Canada Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)