Filter Maintenance Kits


Compressed Air Filters, Nitrogen Filters and Filter Maintenance Kits

Filter element replacement, yep it’s important. The size of a nitrogen molecule is about 3 angstroms or 0.3 nanometers, sooooo really, really small. When separating air into different molecules, primarily oxygen and nitrogen, the pores of the nitrogen generation system need protection from contaminants that would plug up and stop the separation process. The best way to do this is to routinely replace the compressed air filter elements in the filter housings. The housings upstream protect the nitrogen generator, the housings downstream protect your application.

We designed these systems to be as bulletproof as possible, with excellent uptime, but to achieve that, you need to do preventive maintenance. Note the word “preventive”, meaning before failure.

To help you out, Liberty Systems created a program called FilterStar. It is a program to remind you ahead of time that maintenance is due. If you are not enrolled in the program, give us a call and we plug you into the database and send you reminders to keep you from crashing the system. We create a filter maintenance kit for every system we put into the field.

For those of you already enrolled, below is a list of item numbers and model numbers for you to order. Just review your reminder notification email, put what you need in the shopping cart, check out and we will ship, typically in 24-48 hours.

Watch the video below to get an idea how easy it is to replace your filter elements.